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Best Home Voip Phone System on the Market

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

Free home phone service with Ooma; Free calling in the U.

Buyers Guide
  • “Its worth paying the taxes and fee per month after the initial purchase.” – Naina
  • “In fact I will go so far as to say I have never had a product work so well and have such good customer service on top of it.” – Phil Barnhart
  • “Very easy to install and setup.” – 6474

OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter

Support (technical or warranty) will be provided by the seller from whom you obtain the product.With the OBi110, you are in control of your communications life.

  • “I’ve been using google voice with it, so all my calls have been free.” – Chris
  • “Setup was very easy and instructions on how to set up were very clear.” – Kevin
  • “So they will now have a US number they can use for free US/Canada calls!!!” – Kunal Khosla

Cisco-Linksys CIT400 Dual-Mode  Internet Telephony Kit with Integrated Skype

Get cordless handset convenience when you use Skype Now when you want to talk to your friends you dont need your computer because the Skype application is pre-loaded on the phone.

Consumer Guide
  • “Sound quality of the unit is very good.” – Troy Wolf
  • “The best part about this phone is that you don’t even need to be signed into Skype on your computer for it to work.” – bookaholic
  • “The handset is light and very easy to handle, battery life is good too as I can charge the handset overnight which provides sufficient charge for the day.” – JP

Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone

Cisco SPA 303 IP Phone SPA303-G1 336

Consumer Reviews
  • “If you are looking for more than a basic phone I recommend checking out Cisco’s SPA 508G which our Administrative staff use.” – PJS49
  • “This is a 3 line Cisco phone which works VIA the internet and is a VOIP phone.” – charlie cauble
  • “Call clarity is excellent.” – Michael

Cisco SPA942 IP Phone

Cisco SPA942 IP Telephone SPA942 is a full featured, easily configurable, VoIP telephone that is ideal for hosted VoIP and IP PBX applications. Features include two or four lines, high resolution graphical display, speakerphone, and headset port.

GrandStream GXP280 Small Office/Home Office IP Phone

- Grandstream single line SIP telephone- 1 line appearance with FLASH to handle 2 simultaneous calls- HD wideband audio and full-duplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation- 128×32 graphical LCD with support for multiple languages- Broad interoperability with most of the leading IP PBX Softswitch platforms and 3rd party SIP devices and can be easily auto provisioned for mass deployment- Protocol/standards: SIP RFC3261 TCP/IP/UDP RTP/RTCP HTTP ARP/RARP ICMP DNS (A record and SRV) DHCP PPPoE TFTP NTP STUN SIMPLE- Feature keys: 3 dynamic context sensitive soft keys 3 navigation/menu/volume keys 7 dedicated function keys for: HOLD SPEAKERPHONE SEND TRANSFER CONFERENCE FLASH and HEADSET- Support for G.

Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 w/Power Supply

SoundStation IP 6000 with Powe

Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 Phone


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